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  Barbara Bush Underprivileged Dome Foundation

September 11, 2005: Barbara Bush today announced the creation of the Barbara Bush Underprivileged Dome Foundation.

During her visit to the Houston Astrodome, Mrs Bush was extremely impressed with how well it was working out for thousands of poor and underprivileged people to be sharing their bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms under a big dome. "It immediately gave me the idea to establish a foundation that will build more and bigger and better domes across the United States where poor and underprivileged people can happily live cheek to cheek with their poor and underprivileged neighbors," she said.

She emphasized the benefits it will have for cities if poor neighborhoods can be razed to the ground and replaced with upper class mansions. "The cities will generate higher tax revenues, and the poor and underprivileged will be living in better conditions than their ramshackle sheds can offer, which is an eyesore for any self-respecting American citizen anyway," she added.

When asked about crime prevention in her domes, she said that each dome will be surrounded by barbed wire fences to prevent crime from spreading outside the dome.

A White House official, who asked to remain anonymous because the President does not like visiting domes, said that no-bid contracts have already been awarded to Halliburton for building the domes, erecting the fences, and supplying armed guards with shoot to kill orders.

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