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  Bush on Iraq Constitution: "Oops"

September 12, 2005: In a surprisingly candid press conference this morning, President Bush admitted that his administration was completely surprized by the fact that a Muslim country would decide to write a constitution that strongly leans towards the principles of Islam.

"We all sat in the Situation Room and said to each other, 'oops'," he said.

Speaking from his heart he said that they honestly believed that the Iraqis would welcome the American troops with bouquets of flowers. "That is why Donald Rumsfeld ordered the military to sow in extra button holes in their uniforms, where they can stick in the flowers, and issued Breathe-Ease Nasal Spray to all the troops with sinus problems," he said.

"The first surprize came when we got there and discovered that Iraq is a desert that does not do so well in growing flowers. So we figured, okay, they will greet us with arm loads of cactus," he added.

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