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  Bush Rolls ICE into Farm Service Agency

September 21, 2005: After scathing criticism from Michelle Malkin on the appointment of political crony nominees at the Department of Homeland Security, President Bush announced today that he is disbanding the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and rolling its functions into the Farm Service Agency (FSA) under the Department of Agriculture.

"The largest percentage of foreigners who come into this country," the President noted, "end up working on farms. This strategic move will ensure that illegal immigrants from Mexico will be effectively matched with farm labor demands, and it will prevent the importation of Canadian mad cow beef. Providing cost effective farm labor and protecting the American consumer are priorities for my Administration."

Addressing questions on concerns of terrorists infiltrating via the Mexican border, the President started and then hastily corrected himself, "Bring them -- it is not a concern -- what harm can they do on a farm in the middle of Texas? Mike Johanns will ensure that everyone who crosses the Mexican border will be directly transported to a farm in need of labor."

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