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  Chinese President Applauds Katrina Relief Efforts

September 11, 2005: China's President, Hu Jintao, told a press conference yesterday that he is extremely pleased with America's federal response to Hurricane Katrina.

"With the USA's deficit the way it is, they will be borrowing that $200-$300 billion from China. Add to that the $200 billion for Iraq, also borrowed from China, and you are looking at a pretty sum of money," he said. "Interest paid to China on that debt will fuel the Chinese economy for several decades," he added.

He further expressed full confidence in the White House to award the majority of relief and reconstruction contracts to White House friends, who have shown in Iraq how they can misspend money. "The more money wasted, the more money they have to borrow from China," he said.

"Doing away with the minimum wage on Hurricane Katrina related contracts is a good first step to maximizing the value of Chinese investment in those companies," he said.

He also noted that China is shelving plans for invading the USA. China can just call on immediate repayment of the debt, and the American economy will collapse. "The Chinese community in Vancouver has sufficient manpower to seize American assets and take control of the USA in that event," he added.

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