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  Iraq Car Bomber Killed by IED

September 25, 2005: A suicide car bomber died on the outskirts of Baghdad when he was struck by an improvised explosive device (IED).

Eye witnesses report that Tariq al-Akwah was driving an explosive laden Cressida along the back roads into Baghdad. The vehicle rolled over an IED planted in the road and was ripped apart in a massive explosion. This reporter could see the plume of smoke from his station in the lobby of a Green Zone hotel.

Al Queda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi expressed his sincere regret in a statement. "We deeply regret," he said, "the senseless loss of a car bomb. The infidels that should have died from that car bomb are now wondering what didn't happen. And we have nothing to show for it."

When questioned via fax if he also regretted the death of the driver, Zarqawi replied, "Suicide bombers are a dime a dozen."

Al-Akwah's parents issued the following statement: "Our beloved son Tariq was martyred by martyrs. May his soul rest in peace. We hope Tariq's accidental martyrdom will teach his fellow suicide car bombers to wear their seatbelts and drive safely."

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