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  Israel Claims Pretoria is Involved in Iran's Nuclear Activities

September 19, 2005: The South African Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Nomfanelo Kota today dismissed claims by Israeli diplomatic sources on South Africa's participation in Iran's nuclear program. Turning to the report issued in the periodicals of the Israeli government quoting diplomatic sources associated with the country's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, she said that such a claim is baseless.

"Those claims are ridiculous because even if they were true, South African involvement would be top secret. Hence, I am paid to tell you that those claims are baseless. Do you think we want the Americans to come to our shores with their Shocking Awe?" Kota said.

"South Africa's nuclear programs are peaceful in nature. The largest order our nuclear facilities at Koeberg received this year was to manufacture the power plant for Dick Cheney's defibbelator," she explained.

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