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  Japanese Kill Only Surviving Giant Squid

September 28, 2005: Japanese scientists announced today that they were able capture and kill the last surviving member of the giant squid species. They plan to bring the 28 feet monster to shore later today.

Giants squids, rumored to weigh up to 2,000 pounds and measure up to 30 feet in length, have been the subject of many urban legends as well as Hollywood films such as Reap the Wild Wind and Dr No. No giant squid has ever been caught alive, until yesterday. Well, sort of.

"We are very excited with this catch," one of the scientists said, "because at long last we have the proof that the species actually existed."

"It was the last surviving member of the species," he added, "because we found a serial number on its forehead that reads 'Extinct - 1'."

The scientists plan to recover the costs of the expedition by carving up the squid and selling it as large calamari steaks.

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