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  Massive Price Protest Planned in Washington

September 27, 2005: The Alliance of Concerned Consumers announced today that they have organized a massive demonstration in Washington DC on Saturday and Sunday to protest the sharp increase in the price of pizza delivery.

"The President urged the American people to conserve energy," a spokesman for the Alliance said, "and we fully support that. Folks can drive less to conserve gas, but they have to feed themselves, don't they? And how are they supposed to feed themselves if they cannot drive to the grocery store and they cannot afford the fee to have pizza delivered?"

"It is utterly ridiculous. This pizza delivery price gouging is a national disgrace and the American people will not stand for it," he added.

The price of pizza delivery has increased tenfold over the increase in the price of gas over the past two weeks.

Organizers say they have already received more than 500,000 registrations on their web site from people who pledged to attend and they expect that double that number of people will just show up without having registered.

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