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  New Spielberg Film 'Adventures of Stroller'

September 21, 2005: DreamWorks today announced the release of the exciting new Stephen Spielberg film, 'Adventures of Stroller'.

The plot revolves around the life of Stroller, a young boy from Texas, and the calamities that befall him as he charts his course through primary school.

The plot begins where, shortly after becoming captain of his class, one of the school bullies steals his marbles during break. Stroller decides to take revenge and throws a rock through the bully's bedroom window, missing the bully by mere inches.

Caught in the heat of the moment, Bruce, Stroller's best friend, becomes obsessed with the bad kids that smoke behind the school hall. Bruce convinces Stroller they must confiscate the cigarettes and chase the kids away.

Stroller and Bruce successfully chase away the smokers, but are surprized by a group of bullies that take possession of the area behind the school hall and start beating on them.

Wondering what to do with the bully that stole his marbles and being pummeled by the school hall bullies, life is far from perfect for Stroller as he looks ahead and wonders what more calamities await him.
Quotes from the movie:

Stroller: "We must attack the bully at his home so we don't have to protect our marbles on the playground."

Bruce: "There is no doubt that the bad kids have an entire carton of cigarettes on them."

Goofs: In the main confrontation scene behind the school hall, none of the bad kids actually have cigarettes on them.

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