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  New Terrorist Group al Aqua Exposed

September 22, 2005: After months of deep undercover work and exhaustive investigation, this reporter can reveal the existence of a previously unkown terrorist organization, al Aqua.

al Aqua's objectives are decimation of the United States economy and crippling of its infrastructure.

The group consists of meteorologists from several Middle East countries. Sources also speculate that they are supported by a handful of rogue meteorologists from the former Soviet Union.

al Aqua operates from a base in the Atlantic Ocean in the general vicinity of the Bahamas, but to maintain base security they sometimes change location. The base consists of a modified and highly specialized giant hovercraft, which is equipped with state of the art cloaking technology.

Using their advanced customized equipment these scientists manipulate ocean temperatures and wind currents that result in the formation of deadly hurricanes. With the mobility of the hovercraft they are able to steer the hurricane to a target of their choice in the United States.

Between hurricanes they generally spend their time planning, warming the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and restocking supplies.

More on this developing story later...

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