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  New U.K. Census Shows Most Londoners Live in London

London: The United Kingdom's Government Statistical Service (GSS) released the report today of a special census commissioned by Prime Minister Tony Blair's office a year ago. The findings firmly conclude that most Londoners live in London.

"We are always excited," said an aid of Mr. Blair, "by interesting and useful demographic statistics. Understanding who lives where is essential to good governance."

Mayor of London Ken Livingston expressed his satisfaction with the findings, "During my tenure as mayor we have increased the percentage of Londoners who live in London from 55% to 61%. It proves our policies of promoting London are working effectively."

A spokeswoman for GSS said they went door to door to every household in London and confirmed that everyone was a Londoner. "We have auditable proof in the form of five warehouses full of completed checklists," she said.

The study surprisingly found, almost as a footnote, that most Londoners do not live in Birmingham and Newcastle.

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