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  Poor and Underprivileged Union Launched

September 19, 2005: Today saw the launch of the Poor and Underprivileged Union (PAUU) with its headquarters in Washington DC and local chapters in every American city.

A spokesperson for PAUU said the need for the union arose when President Bush announced the massive financial assistance to help the Gulf Region evacuees lift themselves out of poverty.

"Although commendable, the President's announcement singled out poor people affected by Hurricane Katrina. And that is grossly unfair to the rest of the 37 million people who are living in poverty in the United States," the spokesperson said.

"What do the rest of the poor people need to do to receive the same assistance from the government? Lose whatever meagre possessions they have in another disaster? No, PAUU believes the government must think broader than just political gains. What is good for poor evacuees, is good for every other poor person in this country," she added.

The White House refused to comment.

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