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  Rice's Brilliant Iraq Latte Defense

September 15, 2005: Via Think Progress, Condoleezza Rice asked Bill O'Reilly whether Fox correspondents would have wanted to go out for a cup of coffee when Saddam Hussein was in power, after he told her that they currently can’t go out for a cup of coffee in Baghdad.

"Look, obviously it is a life threatening experience nowadays to go out for a cup of coffee in Baghdad. But, when Saddam Hussein was in power, there were no Starbucks in Baghdad. So tell me Bill, would an American rather risk IEDs, snipers, and kamikaze pedestrians for a Starbucks, or would he be a wimp and rather choose to drink the excess crude oil served as coffee under a bad dictator's regime?" Rice said.

O'Reilly and the entire studio crew broke out in uncontrollable laughter. Rice, with a perplexed look on her face, said, "What? WHAT!? What's so funny?"

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