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  Secret American Resistance Movement Reveals Doctrine Manual

September 22, 2005: The New American Resistance Coalition of Opposition (NARCO) today published their previously highly classified and closely guarded doctrine manual on the Internet.

Primary Goal:
Corrupt the USA government and undermine American society.

  • Foster a climate of intolerance and hate between conservatives and liberals
  • Promote and reward character assassination of prominent figures
  • Indoctrinate the population that only bad news is newsworthy
  • Disseminate disinformation of a single and cohesive American culture
  • Reward incompetence and dishonesty
  • Secretly promote racial hate and class distinction
  • Glorify violence and war through the entertainment industry
  • Undermine constitutional rights
  • Create an atmosphere of perpetual fear
  • Promote economic discrimination
  • Discourage fiscal responsibility
  • Alienate the international community
  • Incite anonymous leaks of classified or sensitive information
  • Reward ascendency of self interest above national interest
  • Frustrate close cooperation between levels of government
  • Promote and reward frivolous litigation
  • Suppress truth and accurate account of facts
  • Popularize live televised suffering and death
Background: Original idea for this post germinated while reading Media Coverage Distorts Iraq Reality via Security Watchtower. The post is fiction but the Tactics are based on observations of actual trends in the American society.

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