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  White House Pool Report: Tough Day

September 24, 2005: Today's White House pool report gives a rare glimpse of backstage access to the White House.

From: Press.Releases@WhiteHouse.Gov
Subject: POOL REPORT #1, 9/24/05
Date: September 24, 2005 1:45:43 PM EDT
Reply-To: Press.Releases@WhiteHouse.Gov

Pool Report #1, 9/24/05

Woke up at 8:30 AM with one hell of a hangover. A few of us were invited over to the residence last night at around 9:30 PM. The President can be such a hoot when he is in the mood! Told us a few stories about the pranks he played on colleagues in the Air National Guard. We nearly wet ourselves laughing.

Cheney joined us for half an hour. Man, that guy needs to loosen up a bit. "Yes, Mr. President, no Mr. President," all the time. Protocol nut. We were all like, "Hey George," and someone who will remain nameless even said, "Dubya, you're a funny guy." But that was really late, like 3:00 AM. Even the Prez went, "The Shrub is more than just dead brush, yeah?" He thought it was really funny. So did we.

Everyone is hurting today. When the Prez came out of his morning briefing he made a face at me. I interpreted it as, "Man, I am dragging some serious ass." We're with you, Mr. President.

Condi and Rumsfeld met with the Prez at 12:30 PM. When they came out of the Oval Office I overheard Condi saying, "Did you smell that too?" Rummy with his usual answer with a question said, "Smell what exactly?"

It's almost 2 PM. Seriously need a nap. Saw the Prez walking in the backyard before going into the residence. Nothing more is going to happen here today.

White House Correspondent

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