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  2025: Karl Rove Returns from Exile in Ethiopia

Washington: Karl Rove, former advisor and confidant of the 43rd President of the United States, returned to the United States from self-imposed exile in Ethiopia.

Rove fled the country in 2005 while facing serious conspiracy and treason charges for exposing a clandestine CIA operative. Shortly after being indicted, Rove disappeared into thin air. The incident has faded into distant memory over the past 20 years.

The man who was the mastermind behind two successful presidential elections, and notorious for his often ruthless and slimy political tactics, spoke to reporters outside his new spacious mud hut in a Washington suburb.

Said Rove: "It feels good to be back. I'm a new man, slim and trim. My time in Ethiopia gave me a new perspective on life. Material possessions mean nothing, power means nothing, money is a mere convenience. Being true to oneself and your basic values, being painfully honest, and being able to look yourself in the eye and be proud, those are the things that really matter in life."

Rove is currently working on three new books, 'Confessions of Karl Rove', 'African Culture Through American Eyes', and 'Architectural Concepts for Mud Building Construction'.

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