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  Charlize Theron Expelled from Entertainment Industry for Marrying Outsider

Los Angeles: Possessor of one of the loveliest faces on the planet, Charlize Theron was expelled from Hollywood and the entertainment industry for marrying someone outside the entertainment industry.

Theron married childhood sweetheart Boetie Botha in a secret ceremony in Benoni, South Africa last Saturday.

Absolutely unacceptable. Utterly shocking. Disgraceful. A mud stain on the image of Hollywood. Those were the general sentiments expressed by fellow actors, producers, and agents.

"She will never work in one of my movies," said Stephen Spielberg. "You don't break with a sacred Hollywood tradition and not pay the price for it."

The habitual inbreeding of Hollywood performers is a source of great entertainment and gossip for bored housewives, and the primary source of revenue for the paparazzi.

Theron, who has previously shown her rebellious side when she broke away from the pretty girl mold by playing an ugly overweight serial killer in Monster, refuses to be governed by Hollywood's petty rules.

"I don't want my children to be genetically deficient from inbreeding and grow up to be stupid, spoiled, and snotty bastards," she said.

Theron said she will choose a new profession where she can still perform as an actor. She hasn't decided yet between running for governor of California and becoming a televangelist.

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