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  Expiry Date of Bush Products Overestimated?

Washington: The US Consumer Council announced today that they fear the expiry date on most products manufactured by Bush Incorporated may be overestimated, and warned consumers to buy with extreme caution.

Bush Incorporated was founded on January 20, 2001 by George Bush Jr. At that time the company had set the expiry date of its products to January 20, 2005.

According to current Bush company policy, the expiry dates on all its products are set for January 20, 2009. Recent discoveries have raised concerns that many products may spoil and cause serious risk long before that date.

"We have received numerous complaints of products that are already in an advanced state of decay," a spokesman for the Consumer Council said.

Of particular concern are numerous bad apples that were recently discovered, as well as products being exported to the Middle East that are decaying much faster than anticipated. Calls from scores of consumers to recall those products have gone unheeded by the company.

Numerous incidents of inferior products being put to market have also been uncovered in the past months. Company officials are consistent in their denial that some of their products are of inferior quality.

Recent consumer polling showed that overall only 28% of consumers have any confidence left in the company's products while only 2% of African-American consumers plan to buy any of the products.

Amongst liberal spenders, there is almost no confidence left in the company. Its traditional base of loyal conservative buyers is fracturing into disillusioned and disgruntled consumers.

These troubling developments cause serious business risk to Bush Inc as a whole and may result in the company going out of business before the estimated expiry date of its products.

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