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  Hollywood Actor Launches Own Wine Brand

Chateauneuf des Papes, France: Renowned Hollywood actor Vin Diesel launched his own brand of wine at this year's Chateauneuf des Papes Wine Festival.

Diesel is better known for starring in Hollywood productions such as The Fast and The Furious and The Pacifier, as well as the jeans documentary 'Diesel in Diesel'.

Vin Diesel's wine is sold under the name 'Vin de Diesel'. "I originally thought of just calling it 'Vin Diesel' or 'Diesel Vin', but that did not fully convey the delicacy of the wine," said Diesel.

Wine connoisseurs at the festival applauded Vin de Diesel.

"Merveilleux! Unique! Fantastique! Le meilleur que j'ai goûté. Le meilleur vin au monde. Il se vendra très bien," exclaimed a wine connoisseur from Paris. Literally translated it means, "It's good."

Said an Australian wine expert: "A very approachable wine with an attack of a delicate bouquet of premium gasoline with subtle hints of depleted ozone. Definitely of Saudi origin. Elegantly finished with a pleasantly complex structure of urban smog craftily augmented with traces of global warming. And an enchanting aftertaste of buttery crude oil that tantalizingly lingers on an appreciative palette."

Vin de Diesel is sold worldwide and Diesel's agents indicated that the price per bottle will not follow the trend of gasoline prices.

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