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  Human Clone Factory Found in Kazakhstan

Astana: A freelance reporter discovered a human clone factory in Kazakhstan yesterday. The factory is located near a rural town in the Pavlodar province.

The reporter was doing an aerial documentary on population migration in the former USSR republic when he chanced upon this astounding discovery.

"The factory is powered by wind," said the reporter, "and from what I could see it is producing hundreds of human clones per hour."

He continued: "There's a production line with marquee tents and stalls where the clones get anything from clothing, hygiene necessities, and instruction in basic human etiquette."

He was afraid he would raise the suspicions of the Kazakh Intelligence Services and managed to snap only one good telephoto picture from his helicopter.

Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev's office did not answer their telephones and did not reply to voice messages asking for their response.

CIA officials said they have no knowledge of the facility and will look into this troubling development with the highest of urgency.

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