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  International Carefree Society Criticizes Worrior Conference

Stockholm: The chairman of the International Carefree Society (ICS), Herbert Frisby, held a strongly worded press conference today criticizing the International Worrior Federation (IWF) conference held in the Brussels recently.

"I don't give a s-t how many people congregate in a conference facility to worry about stuff," he said, "It is not going to change anything about anything. To be fair though, what they did accomplish was assemble the largest congregation of ulcers in one room in modern history."

The ICS' founding principle is the belief that it is pointless to worry about things one cannot influence or control. According to their 2004 annual report their members have the lowest cholesterol levels and lowest divorce rates in the world.

Frisby continued: "People complain because they worry too much. They make enemies by worrying about getting ahead and getting more. Let me tell you, worrying is at the root of most problems in the world today."

"But I don't give a damn," he concluded.

Anybody is welcome to join the Federation by calling 1-800-WHOCARE. New members receive a welcome pack with tips on how to stop worrying, a complimentary copy of the Mad Magazine and a bumper sticker that reads, 'I don't give a damn'.

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