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  Karen Hughes Discloses Major Findings of Middle East Visit

Washington: Under Secretary of State Karen Hughes, thrusted aid to President Bush and United States' new public relations chief, disclosed today the major findings she made on her tour of the Middle East.

"The primary finding we made," Hughes said during a press conference, "is that there are Arabs in the Middle East. Millions of them. More surprizing was the discovery that most of them are Muslims that are astoundingly civilized. I cannot speak of the countries I did not visit, but one could probably safely extrapolate the same demographics to those countries, namely an Arab population of at least 100% if not more."

Hughes tried on an abaya and found it a rather liberating experience. "There's no need to wax one's mustache every day," she said, "and the few extra pounds do not show."

Hughes announced her next mission will be to visit Russia and investigate what nationality the citizenry consist of and what languages they speak so that her office can developed customized information campaigns to promote the Adminstration's policies in that country.

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