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  Los Angeles Postal Letter Carriers Quit, Become Coal Miners

Los Angeles: The American Postal Workers Union (APWU) announced today that all its union members working as city letter carriers in the Los Angeles metropolitan area have resigned from the United States Postal Service (USPS).

A spokesperson for the APWU said they negotiated contracts with Massey Energy Co. and Arch Coal Inc. for the letter carriers to become miners in the coal mines in the Appalachia.

Mining is the second-most deadly industry, based on U.S. Labor Department data, but the APWU found through numerous studies that it is still safer than being a letter carrier in Los Angeles.

"The smog of Los Angeles is far more toxic than the gases and coal dust found in coal mines," the spokesperson for APWU said. "We also lose dozens of our Los Angeles union members every year due to negligent and intoxicated motorists and from dog and other exotic pet bites. The exotic pet threat is particularly problematic in the Hollywood area."

"In the coal mines our union members will be safe from all those hazards," the spokesperson said, "and instead of shuttling mail back and forth they will be shuttling coal back and forth. The transition should be very easy because their skills are transferable."

One of the letter carriers expressed his delight: "It's really cool. We will make more money and play with explosives."

This influx of new miners also goes a long way towards solving the shortage of workers that the coal mines in the Appalachia region have been experiencing since the late 1990's.

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