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  NASA Astronauts Return Safely from Secret Moon Mission

Houston: NASA Administrator Michael Griffin announced today that five of the agency's astronauts have safely returned from a clandestine mission to the moon.

"NASA is heading to the moon again if Congress approves funding," Griffin said, "and we had to validate that the moon is still where we expect it to be."

Apparently NASA engineers could not guarantee the existence and present location of the moon with their usual degree of accuracy because the agency has not explored that region of space for many decades.

Griffin added: "Can you imagine the public embarrassment if we spend $100 billion on our planned mission to the moon and we arrive at vastly empty coordinates in space?"

Mission Commander John Forearm told reporters that the crew had a few anxious days in space while trying to find the moon.

"We searched the coordinates where Apollo 17 had left the moon and found nothing. It was when Mission Control gave us the go-ahead to expand the search area that we saw the moon rise from behind the earth," he said.

They performed a fly-by of the moon and reportedly noticed that one of the moon buggies was not in the position it was left by the Apollo astronauts.

"The Lunar Roving Vehicle seems to have moved by approximately 400 miles and there are several doughnut circles in the tracks left by the buggy. That's a curiosity we want to investigate with our future missions to the moon," Administrator Griffin concluded.

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