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  Palestinian Entrepreneur Invents Rock Incubator

Ramallah: Palestinian entrepreneur Salam Wazeer demonstrated today to reporters his new rock incubator invention, which is sold by Wazeer, Wazeer, Wazeer, and Sons.

Mr. Wazeer lives in the occupied West Bank and said that he and his brothers had become increasingly frustrated with the lack of suitable rocks to serve as projectiles directed at Israeli soldier positions. He showed reporters the scars on his hands from jagged edged rocks that he had thrown in the past.

"The best ideas are often born in an hour of need," Wazeer said, "and this idea came to me as I was dodging infidel tear gas projectiles in the streets of Ramallah."

With Wazeer's device the owner charges the incubation chamber with a load of standard desert sand, lights an olive oil lamp below the chamber, and comes back five minutes later to find a perfectly smooth and throwable rock in the chamber.

A very comprehensive user manual contains a sliding scale with how much sand is needed for the desired rock circumference.

"I'm already working on an upgraded version of the incubator," Wazeer said, "that will be able to incubate rocks that deform into sharp edged projectiles in flight."

Wazeer, Wazeer, Wazeer, and Sons is already expanding internationally. The Canadian military has ordered more than two hundred incubators for their 4th Slingshot Regiment.

According to Wazeer interest has also been expressed by COSATU in South Africa, the recently disarmed IRA in Ireland, and the Boyscouts in the U.S.A.

Future plans include a recreational version of the incubator that can incubate ping pong and beach balls from industrial packaging foam.

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